Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PhotoProject :: self portraits into photoimpressions

Photoimpression, self portrait as if a tonal sketch  PhotoImpression inspired by MC Escher style tesselations
Yesterday’s post was inspired when I found myself being a part time portrait model for the Victorian Artists Society. Normally I’m one of the students. I figured if I mounted my camera on a tripod and used the remote control, I would be able to take some photos as I posed. I also figured if I put the images on my computer it could also be running up some self portraits using Mosaic Creator, all while I posed. An automated self portrait? That was the theory!pages from my sketch book Well the remote didn’t behave so I did have to get some assistance, thanks Chris. Technology …c’est la vie! I had analyzed the colour palette and rough composition in a set of sketches before hand and thought that fractal flames would make great tiles for a photoimpression style of mosaic, starting a pastel portraitand I had pre-prepared a small set of tiles to be my mosaic palette. Well the lighting was different enough as I sat and I had to “recalibrate” the colour scheme for the fractal flames after the event, to get a reasonable colour image but I did get some good tonal sketch-like results on the day. Was a lot of fun, even if it wasn’t truly an automated self portrait.
I’ve also posted the two photoimpressions above, along with my “words” version, from the post below, over in flickr to let you see the detail, Just click on the images to see them larger.
By the way I adopted the term photoimpression back in 2008 to describe my approach to creating photo mosaics, I note a growing number of, phone apps, software packages and websites now also use the term, and my techniques have nothing to do with any of these.
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