Friday, November 11, 2011

While the DSLR is away the Androids come out to play

My Pentax DSLR started to chew up my SD memory cards. (actually it was just forcing the small plastic strips between the metal contacts out of shape, rendering the cards unreadable on other devices) I assume either something has fallen in to the card reader or the card insert mechanism was slightly out of alignment, Anyway the camera has gone of holiday to the camera repair shop. Life without it is not the same but I do have my android camera phone to play with and satisfy the urge to experiment with camera techniques.2011-11-10This  is another HDR camera shoot, Captured as three separate images. Damn that pedestrian walking across my image. I didn’t see hime when I tap the screen release button. Click… Click … bugger where did he come from …Click ….right in the middle of frame now. The three images are processed in camera in a HDRI style tacking the exposure range across the three photos and producing an extended (High Dynamic Range) image.The beauty of the HDR camera software is it doesn’t lead to ghosting when the camera is moved or people in the photo move. The moving man appears to been totally ignored, actually not totally his final position is hinted by a shadow shape on the footpath).
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