Thursday, November 03, 2011

Echos of the Buzz

Whilst Buzz was initially included within google+, albeit as a side show. Google has taken the sensible step of sidelining it altogether. However the Buzz like overwhelming noise does still echo within in google+

The Animated Gifs are at epidemic proportions on Google+ at the moment. However I felt this one by Drunken K Bliths was so good on several levels I needed to share it. 

The other aspect of google+ I am finding very distracting are the excessive posters, those that keep popping up every few posts with a few lines and then a link to someone else’s posts/blog/website. I’m not trying to shame Robert Scoble, his posts are usually informative even on topics like android camera phones and geotagging, but if you are following him you’ll know what I mean.  Most of this this stuff would be better as comments on the original post or blog. I think the only solution is to keep unflowing such individuals until your stream returns to a flow that suits your tempo. I’m looking for a babbling brook in the forest of what interests me, not a mosquitoe infested swamp buzzing with “everything” remotely social webish.

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