Friday, May 06, 2011

An Urban Myth?

I’m sure you have all heard a variation of this urban myth. I have been told the story several times

“A hippy (or extreme adventurer, or lone traveller or …) was traveling the world by himself with just a backpack and an expensive SLR camera. He only has room for two slide boxes in his simple backpack. So every time he had some more photos developed he would sit down and carefully go through them and select maybe one or two and then discard or give away the rest to his friends. He would then take some further time to review his 100 photos in his slide boxes and take one the one or two required to be replaced by his new slides. So his collection of 100 photos just got better and better as he travelled.”

Anyway I’m going to have a bit of fun with this myth and put my personal favourite 100 photos up in a “pseudo” slide box in the cloud (ok its just an album within my Picasa Web albums). Watch them get better and better!

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