Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PhotoFriday :: Many

Cape Kidnapper's Gannet Colony
For PhotoFridayis Topic Many
This is a re-processing of the same multi-image panorama I took for the he’s leaving home post about the Australasian Gannets at Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand. This time I have used Microsoft’s ICE (image composite editor) to do the stitching using a horizontal spherical projection, rather than the default cylindrical projection.. Why horizontal? I’m not sure, I always thought spheres where equi-dimensional in the vertical and horizontal directions. Did they mean elliptical projection. No matter I was able to reduce the curvature in the horizon and build a larger image than I can in autostitch. I even found out my image covers 182.2° horizontally and 42.3° vertically, such precision and only based on 12 photos taken hand held. The resulting panorama is so big  in fact it defies reproducing for a blog (the image above is only 2% of its full 123MB potential) so I have also loaded it into Photosythyn so you can zoom in and have a good look around and even count how many birds there are.
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