Friday, June 25, 2010

Take me to the future

If you use flickr, you may have noticed the invite to take you to see the future, in a pretty pink banner across the top of the page.take me to the future Well I took the bait and had a look from my laptop. Opps the new page is so big I could only see half of it. Not a good look. Yahoo should get ready to expect a lot of negative comments Ok the extra screen real estate is used displaying more. But why?new flickr page If you want to see the whole screen at once you can use the <Ctrl><-> key combination. This scales down the photo and whole screen display, but it also makes the font smaller. flickr actionsYou can scale it backup with <Ctrl><+>. The next issue that might upset a few folk is the icon bar of things to do, which originally always sat above the photo, it appears to have gone missing. Don’t Panic, they are still there under the action pull down menu (its on the left above the photo) and there are now a few more options available. The other surprise is where to find the direct links to photos and the very useful html code to embed in comments or blogs. It is now to be found under the share this pull down menu (beside the action pull down) and the grab HTML item.

flickr grab html For those not impressed with the future there is a Leave this Preview link back up in the pink strip.

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