Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bandwidth and sky drive

I should have realized it before I typed the suggestion about using sky drive for photo back while travelling? For example today I took 550 photos (a lot where for multi-image panoramas, before you label me extravagant). even in jpeg format that was close to 1.6GB of  photo dedicated space. On my wireless modem that would be a couple of hours transfer at least and because i am roaming internationally the double dipping data charges of around $15/Mb mean it would be probably cheaper to buy a new digital camera each day. So I had forgotten about the massive bandwidth, modern digital camera photos consume. I haven’t attempted to use it so no damage done to my bank account.

importinfg photos into picasa

I still upload my photos to my notebook computer each day via picasa, as is my routine, but rather than then sync’ing them up to sky drive. At the same time I load them I sync them onto a backpack style hard drive.

Its not that I won’t be using any or all that generous space on sky drive for my photos, but it is clear photo backup while i am travelling is a bandwidth prohibitive fait รก comple

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