Friday, April 11, 2008

One flicker too many

Originally uploaded by alatimed
Flickr only announced its video service on Tuesday and the chorus of loyal flickr-ites saying NO was unbelievable. A fellow Australian Photographer!! Father McKenzie started a group to say NO to VIDEO on flickr and already it has 24,000 plus members. Surely flickr had done some market research! Or was this a yahoo play against Google-YouTube juggarnaught? Such immediate angst suggests that most are happy with flickr just as it is.

So what is my opinion, I don't really have a strong one. From a bandwidth point of view there is already enough of it wasted on flickr already, and what was wrong with putting your video on YouTube anyway? Is competition going to improve that service or more importantly flickrs?

I'm wondering if the flickr gods will be changing their motto from Flickr loves you, to Flickr who cares!
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