Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why not make your portfolio into a video!

Nature's Entryway
Originally uploaded by Reggiesgirl
Reggiesgirl from flickr has a used wonderful way to show her portfolio of nature photography, she made it into a video. With so many screens atound in modern life, making your still work into a video (or slideshow) is a great way to guarentee they will be seen (at least by your friends and family, but if you want your 15 seconds of "net fame" you cam also trust your arm on YouTube as reggie's girl did)

There are any number of good programs (too many to mention here) with which make your slide show and convert them into a video masterpiece. Try Microsoft's Photo Story 3 if you are looking for a free program to try out. At the very least you probably already have Movie Maker which can also do the job.
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