Monday, February 18, 2008

Correcting a few details

If you found your way to this blog from the article in the Leongatha Star, there are a couple of details that need to be cleared up

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was most defintely not a digital photographer, he died, aged 82, back in 1984. One of his great contributions to photography was the zone system (his wikipedia entry says he was a co-inventor of it) but I am not so sure about that. He ceratinly developed it and other techniques to capture the fullest detail across all ranges of tone in his black and white photos and his landscapes in particular are just outstanding.

The panoramic photo published in the star was a very recent one, not the panorama from my participation in the One Horizon project on flickr.
This is the panorama exhibitted in the New York Exhibition in 2006
what a great day for the beach
And to keep you up to date, this was taken yesterday, at the same wonderful beach.
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