Thursday, February 09, 2006

Overcoming the Delay

Photographing birds in flight can be easier than you imagine with a digital camera

It usually does not long before the new owner of a digital camera realises ther ia a serious problem with their camera. The delay between the time you press the shutter button and the actual time when the photo is taken. It is frequently seconds, even on good cameras. The explaination is it takes time to focus, time to read the lighting and even time to charge up the CCD light senor. Yes those reasons are trues but you can easily overcome these by using multi-shot mode. Here the camera just sets up the light reading and focus on the first shoot and then if you keep you finger on the button, the caera will keep taking shoots at regular intervals (this interval may even be definable on your camera). Multi-mode is usually found somewhere on most digital camera menus either as the code MLT or as an icon showin series of overlaping rectangles.

Photographing these sea gulls was relative ease, After setting my camera to multi-shot mode I watched as the gulls flew towards me, focused and pressed and held the button as they passed over head. My camera takes one frame approximately every second which gives me a great series.
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