Friday, February 10, 2006

Creating a Screen Wallpaper

This image returns to a theme I have explored before, lone foot prints on the sand, with some good results. The silver light nicelt fitted the norah jones song which begins "sSummer days are gone too soon."

Wallpaper Summer 1
Wallpaper Summer 1,
originally uploaded by imageo.
My Olympus camedia software (it came with my camera) has a neat ability to overlay part of the image with a pattern to act as a good background for you icons.

Wallpaper Summer 2
Wallpaper Summer 2,
originally uploaded by imageo.
I then added some of the sea gull sereies using Corel Photo-Paint and slitghtly feathering the edges. If you like the resukts you can click on the image to the left and this will take you to my flickr account. Click on the small All sizes Icon (a magnifying glass). You can then either download the large size, by clicking on the lick of right click and select the set as background option
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