Sunday, September 25, 2005

Backuping your photos (made easy)

While listening to the radio this week, I heard Charles Wright, of the bleeding edge blog fame, firstly sympathizing with, but later reprimanding several callers. They wanted to recover photos lost via various mishaps and misadventures with their computers and cameraphones.

Photos can be very precious, because once lost they can be impossible to replace. Here is my simple 1-2-3 to make sure that gets done (regularly)

1) Upload your photos to a second media (eg from your camera or phone, to your notebook computer, to your ipod, if it’s an iphoto model, or the web, eg flickr)
2) Backup the photos to a second location (eg home computer, I use microsoft's SyncToy to do this, or FTP them to a web album eg photobucket or Kodak's Easyshare)
3) Archive by burning to CDs (&/or DVDs) regularly (eg monthly) and keep two copies (one at home and preferable the other at another site)

Do it now!

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