Thursday, September 22, 2005

Flyr fun

flyr is a great little web applet that lets you search for any geotagged photos in Flickr. The output can be just a thumbnailed display of the photos found or, and this is where the fun starts, annotated links in either google earth or google map formats.

Why not try it out now, click on the form above to get to the search page. Next, just type in "imageo" as the photographer. You can then find where my into the blue yonder photo was taken. You'll also be able to fly around in google earth to see my other photos. If you click on the pin, when in google earth, you see a thumbnail of the photo and a link directly back to that photo in flickr.

flyr has been developed by Paul Downey and the source code is available to installed on your website, see the flyr about page
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