Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Simple composition in fungi

I like to compose my pictures in the view finder, or more precisely in the LCD Screen on the back of my camera. It is especially important to use the LCS screen for close up work. View finders on compact cameras and most digital camears (if they have one) are mounted away from the lens, normally above, do not show you exactly what the lens see. At distance this is not a problem but when you get close the difference can be quite significant. The LCD screen however does show you exactly the image about to be taken (like the view finder on an SLR, single lens reflex, camera).

The view finder on digital cameras are however often useful when strong light makes the LCD screen hard to view. Close up and lokking down you can usually shade the screen.

Fungus makes a great close up (macro) subject because of the interesting shapes & textures.
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