Tuesday, July 26, 2005

direct from mobile to blog!

direct from mobile to blog!
Originally uploaded by imageo.

Using my phone's ability to email & Flickr's ability to forward both images & text. I was able to post this directly from my phone.

Well that worked fine, but i had to use my computer to find and post the geotags. Still I feel like i have climbed a "technical" mountain, and the vista of potenial seems great. Howvere there where a couple of technical difficulties on this ascent.

  1. the problems of getogging (mentioned above)
  2. the limitation of telstra I-mode that my emails cannot have attachments larger than 100kb (my photo was 112kb, see post above for the higher resolution version)
  3. the lack of nice image resizing features on my phone (for this post I had to make the image my phone wallpaper and then email that)

    [geotagged geo:lat=-38.7056 geo:lon=145.8108]
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