Wednesday, July 13, 2005


It is amazing when having a camera in your mobile phone can come in handy. If you have a new phone, there is a very high probability you have a camera in it. Even if you are as old as me, now is a good time to get out the manual and learn how to use it (or better still get your son or daughter to show you how)

Scenes from a meeting called by the The Wheelers Hill Action Group (WHAG).

It is not hard to do a quick head count and see that there is strong turnout of residents, concerened that the 9 storey "block of flats", known as "The Peak" proposed by developer AustCorp might still go ahead. Specifically AustCorp may try to exceed a suggested three or four storey limit. A year ago the monash council reject the proposal outright, but at the recommendation of the state's planning minister, consulted with various groups to develop a draft structural plan for the area. The ministry has not approved this as was expected, but is sitting on it.

Phone camera images are relatively low resolution, (these images are only 320 by 240 pixels) but they are more than adequate to document events.
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