Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Shadow self portrait series

originally uploaded by imageo.
I'm back to experimenting with the blog post from flickr again.

I have been routinely taking my shadow as a kind of rough exposure test in the field. A big advantage of digital cameras is that you can get immediate feedback by looking at the image you just took. However you often have to look at it on a small LCD screen, out in the full sun light. Whilst my olympus does have a larger than average and very clear screen it is still adversely affect by strong light. Having a strandard-ish reference image with strong contrast, like your shadow, helps get a better understanding of how the exposure worked out (or not!)

Well my experiment didn't work so well, I couldn't find a way to do multiple posts. So it was back to picasa/hello for the four photos above. In desperation I've decided to make these a set in flickr, watch this set for an ongoing collection.
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