Friday, May 06, 2005

Moving target

The Bus Trip
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I been to the Earnst Henry Mine, near Cloncurry. A trip that involved a couple of bus trips. One, Mt. Isa to Cloncurry was a very long bus trips. So I took a few, more than a few to be honest, photos.

Taking photos with a digital camera from a moving bus can be harder than you might think. There is the issue of focus and just framing the image. Everything is flashing by.

By the time you select te image and press the buttin. then wait for the camera to autofocus. The picture you were going to take is 400 metres behind you. also anything close to the road edge is likely to be out of focus

and relection on the glass are likely to spoil your image

Unless of course you make the reflection part of your composition

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