Friday, December 03, 2004

Photo Project: Christmas Cards & Fancy Photo Edges

Here in Australia the yellow/gold of the silky oak "flower" against the rich blue sky is one thing that suggests Christmas is just around the corner.

So I thought that the silky oak bloom would make a decent aussy image for an original Christmas card, I also thought I'd experiment with the fancy edge filters & feature that most photo editors now offer. These normally generate various forms of vignetting at the edge of the image. I've used one from Corel Photobook called charcoal (presumably because it greys the edge reminiscent of a charcoal sketch) and is found under the image edge wizard.

I'm guessing there will be lots of Christmas cards made with digital photos and inkjet printers this year. Consider pasting your fancy edged photo onto a thick hand made paper or card, with pre-stamped peel-off gold foil lettering

There is a great art & craft shop near me called the paper place that has hundred of papers and things to make wonderful cards.

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