Saturday, July 14, 2018

Taking an Escher Inspired Self Reference into an Instagram selfie

The Journey towards a #MCEsherIspired #MirrorStyle #Selfie Triptych

What's going on in my instagram profile gridl?

This series is actually composed of 5 photographs some as blended layers, plus 3 others reimagined by Artificial Intelligent Networks looking for Escher woodcut styling (via Googles Deep dream generator). Looking at the triptych, we move from a single portrait of a phone, but masquerading as a pre-smartphone selfportrait (which is how we saw our serlf image before special media and smart phones). Then through the #strangeloop view of looking deep into a reflective virtual sphere, that I appear to be holding, to see my image again but now morphing into an artists marks and linework and back into a  conventional Instagram era selfie. Or is it?

Hints for the confused :: No filters where harmed (or even used) in the creation of these images, They are about self reference and paying homage to the wonderful vision of MC Escher

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