Monday, April 09, 2018

Hmmm …another Adobe Marketing Ploy?

 imageI got an email today telling me my adobe cloud trial was up, and I needed to join now (and it small print the price being $28.59 per month (yes per month!( Trouble is I made the choice long ago not to get involved in the adobe subscriptions. I still have lightroom 4.4 and Photoshop Elements6.0 (on an older computer and don’t use. So How come my trial was up?

Then I remember I had long ago downloaded bridge (a free version) and a few weeks ago I had reloaded it to see if it was touch screen freindly (ie bei9ng able to finger scroll through thumbnails etc.) It was so I forgot about it BUT apparently it upgraded itself to the CC version (still touch screen unfriendly) and because I have an Adobe ID signed me up without my having to accept anything I can’t even remeber the upgrade.

This type of hard sell and stealth marketing really puts me off considering and adobe products in the future and the sear5ch to be able to replace lightroom has now become more focused.

#Adobe #FAIL

PS My creativity hasn’t ended

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