Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day 7 :: Getting ready for the next Endless Summer Project

Day 7 :: Getting ready for the next Project

Repacking my camera bag in preparation for my next trip. Rather than pack on the last day I repack a couple of weeks out so I have time to realise if I am missing something important. During my year long art project travels I have been progressively trimming down the stuff I carry around.

My revised camera bag packing list has, starting at the top right and moving clockwise.

  1. My Pentax K20 (my favourite camera, with my favourite lens a Tamron 18 to 200mml zoom Note this camera now has a wrist strap, rather than cumbersome neck strap.
  2. In the side pocket of the camera bag I have cables, spare batteries etc in a zip up mesh bag.
  3. My Sigma 70-300 Zoom Lens
  4. A couple of white "Face washers" (to clean the cameras not the lenses)
  5. Blower Brush
  6. Lens pen (microfiber cleaner and brush)
  7. Business cards & pen
  8. My home made string monopod
  9. My ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 30i Camera Bag. Although it is designed to carry a mirrorless camera system & Ipad mini I find to perfect for my gear in a relatively small shoulder bag. I also a small kit of sketching gear in the Ipad slot (not shown here but includes an A5 sketch book, couple of pencils & pens, waterbrush & small Cotman's watercolour Sketchers Box)
  10. Sealed packets of alcohol lens wipes (I haven't used these for a while prefer the lens pen)
  11. Spare SD cards (I'm taking 4 16GB cards & 6 8GB cards of my next trip, 20 days)
  12. An old Smartphone (with no SIMS card, but the camera and GPS still work fine)
  13. A polarizing filter
  14. Tone Reference cards
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