Friday, June 02, 2017

Sketching my digital cameras

dreamscope deep dream after Van Gogh of me sketchingIn a bit of self reference fun I have been sketching by journey through digital photography, Starting with an old Logitech webcam (last used to make a short stop motion film), then my first real Digital Camera the little Olympus. Compact then my first Pentax, the Canon and now the bigger Pentax K20D. It just happened that when I was looking around for something to sketch they where there.I could see then a-fresh not as complex instruments/tools with lots of knob, buttons and dials by see them objectively as items catching the light. Perhaps there was a bit of objectivity creeping in as I love using these things. These represent almost 2 decades of digital imagery

You can see the latest incarnation of my daily sketches on instagram @oz_endless_summer


Old Logitech webcam dressed up in tripod legs in soft pencilOlympus C-4000 in brush pen and pencilPentax 100D in soft pencil


Canon 1100D in soft pencilPentax K20D in charcoal

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