Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Challenges of Blogging while Travelling.

My Endless Summer project should be giving me lots of content for this blog. Certainly there have been some considered post mainly around my art but the more routine posting of photos has suffered.

There are a few reasons.
  1. When you are travelling, taking photos and sketching there isn't a lot of time left to blog.
  2. My travels have been in poor low band width areas (eg NBN satelitte service in East Gippsland is pathetic).
  3. My mobile phone was dying.
  4. My 4G mobile WiFi modem often just refused to work (related to point 2, lowband width poor reception).
  5. Instagram is easier to use.
I have replaced the phone, and this blog post is directly from it (the blogger app is still a bit tedious) but I'm not sure how to address the other issues. Keep tuned as I look for and hopefully find some solutions
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