Sunday, April 09, 2017

Seeing :: The Essence of a Tree

My SketchAs an exercise in Seeing, suitable for a PhotoWalk style session, I figured the ideal subject might be a tree. So first you need to make a sketch of an idealized tree (could be a line drawing, a rough tonal sketch, or even coloured in). This exercise works well in a group so let the other photowalkers see it but then put the sketch away. The challenge is to find and photograph a tree that most closely resembles you tree. It might be harder than you think. Especially if you don’t keep checking your sketch.

DeepDream_tree (Based on my sketch)Ok I cheated a bit I  knew there was a round tree

What is going on here. Well you are doing three things

  1. Previsualising the image
  2. Learn to see a photo before you take it
  3. Framing your photo to match your expected view

These are three skills to expand your seeing good photograph beyond just looking in the viewfinder or phone screen.

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