Wednesday, October 28, 2015

CreativeSpaces :: What is a “fold out” studio?

fold out studioIt’s really nothing fancy, “”fold out” studio is just my name for a portable workspace (and specifically the equipment and media for it). I have had a fair bit of practise in creating such a “portable” studio. One of my favourite places to create is in a place down the coast, a couple of hours drive. To use it I must include all I want in the back of the car (space is generally limited) and I need to be able to hand carry the bits, thus weight has also been a consideration.

I think it is reasonable to assume anywhere that can make a functional studio space is likely to already have a table (or desk), chair (or stool), access to water & power. From the car boot experience I like to have everything fit in a canvas style duffle Contents of my "fold out" Studio Duffle Bagbag or a couple of smaller carry bags. Fitting it all in a duffle bag also means when necessary it can easily become standard luggage for flying (ok not much room left for clothes).  It also needs to fit in the bottom shelf of my studio cupboard.

What I expect to be able to do it is is sketch, paint and also take or process (lots of) photos. I also want to be able to use my basic tool kit of photo management and post processing software (ie I need a computer and preferably access to the internet). I also prefer music (usually jazz) when I’m creating (I have an old IPod nano but I find my phone does just as well and I usually have a selection of music on the Laptop as well). Earbuds/headphones so I don't annoy others

So what goes in the Duffle Bag?
  • Sketching gear, Optionally [Plein-air Sketching Kit, or Portable Sketching Desk]
  • Painting media pencils, watercolour [Pastels,Acrylic]
  • Brush Roll(s)
  • Surfaces, Sketch books, good watercolour paper, Small “test” canvases
  • Light Drawing Board (fits into base width of Duffle Bag)
  • Folding Easel
  • Empty Trays and Containers
  • Old Towels (as Padding, Cleanup &/or Drop Cloth)
  • Power Board (not shown)
Other Items Hand Carried.
  • Android Phone (LG 7L)
  • DSLR Camera (usually my Pentax K20D)
  • Laptop (Toshiba)
  • USB Backpack Harddrive (for backup, extra music)
  • WiFi Modem
  • Battery chargers
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