Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Returning to the Sand Goddess

I am getting more and more convinced that it is truly important to ensure that the first place to post my ideas and photos is a place of my own (or controlled by me) this is the POSSE approach. The down side is very few folk actually look at my places (perhaps with the exception of this blog), The compromise, which is what POSSE is all about, is to syndicated that post elsewhere after you have posted on your own place. For example I post the above photo on Known and then syndicate the image (above) in Twitter. This establishes a precedence (and thus “legal” ownership of the intellectual property via publicly searchable publication and time stamps) and also very importantly clearly established provenance.
My sand Goddess project is about recreating some of the classic imagery of goddesses in sand, where better to start than raking these images on the magnificent beach at Venus Bay.
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