Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flickr …further into the darkness?

Example of the new layout for the Flickr Photo PageFlickr has begun unveiling some more changes, specially at the moment it is a different layout for the main photo viewing page. Its darker, and more “pictorial”, a lot of the text information that was spread around the original format loaded into the sidebar with more icons. Is this more intuitive? I’m not sure, but the images are clearly dominant now. The Photo Page is probably the most important display in flickr, so I want them to get it right, they can take their time and not overwhelm us with change for change sake. What I noticed is that quiet a few features that where available under the three dot icon aren’t their yet, so for the time being after you had a play with the new layout you will probably want to get back to the old layout, which is the bottom option when you click on the blue help & feedback button on the lower left.
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