Monday, October 07, 2013

Catch 22 on the way to Error 500 and other nightmares

picasa web errorI was trying to forget about my frustrations with adobe and do a bit more testing on uploading RAW files to Google+ for a blog post. Alas I hit further frustration there as well, in preparing my blog post about which format I use and why I took a series of comparative photos and realizing that any posted images would just be jpeg version I decided to upload them as RAW files via my google drive. All nice and easy, just takes a little time the sync the files, The problems started when I tried to share the directory and get a link for my blog post to the album I had just created. If I tried to do this via google+ I just get a post into google+ and I can not figure out what the hardlink to that post might be, If there even is one. So then I looked in the picasa web album view, but attempting the old share now goes into the google+ share only now it doesn't work and I managed to get the error 500 a few times. What I could do was just connect to the album in picasa web and copy that link into my blog post. Trying the same approach in google+ photo, gets a much longer link string and at first didn't work and then it did! This prompted me to remember that strange warning about the address being changed when I was first investigating the updates in google+ photo. Ok I still don’t know what this means but as I look back in my blog a lot of the images are not displaying correct in the blog but do display when clicked on. They have very weird link names? Very puzzling?

I am starting to worry I’m just becoming a bit of a grumpy, and I’m not going to waste more time investigating in the hope it will all be fixed,  Now as I am writing this I got a notice that google+ has Auto Awesomed me! Not the original photos in google drive but via the jpegs in my blog post? Its all a bit to incestuous, They are meant as comparative photos not a animated movie btw.

Really google does your right hand know what the left is doing?
Please leave Picasa and Picasa Web uncompromised.
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