Thursday, August 22, 2013

What the? Synching or lightroom glitch?

Example glitch with lightroom renderingI have been seeing “apparently” corrupted images turning up in lightroom. If I move that image to another computer the corrupt rendering disappears? The situation in which it occurs seems to always be the same, i am using sync tools to move my photos around my local network.

Lightroom doesn’t play well when she is not in control!

My dilemma with lightroom is that it is really only a one user one computer system. I have experimented with multiple catalogues, and exporting/importing  collection, saving changes as .dng and sidecar files, but doing lightroom work in the field on a laptop means a hassle when trying to get thatExample dialogue to save metadata & adjustments to XMP file work (and metadata and ranking) onto my master photo computer. My best solution so far is to make use of sidecar files (.XMP) on my laptop or other computers. To do this in the library module you must set  metadata/save metadata to file which will automatically start saving the metadata of RAW files into the XMP file, for all changes your make to the metadata or ranking information, Also for any photo you make adjustment in the develop module too you will need to photo/save metadata to file (or Ctrl-S), which write the adjustment you made to the XMP file butExample dialogue to read metadata & adjustments from XMP file only for that photo (I haven’t found a way to set this to always write the adjustments yet! Having done all this you can let any program (eg A sync utility) more (or copy) the folder to a new location and the changes you have made will follow the original file.  You have to remember to library/synchronize folder… in lightroom, for each folder that has files updated (ie all folders in the month). This is more a (re)sync option. It will go through a folder find any new photos and optionally allow you to load any new photos in the folder, it will also identify any missing photos and optionally let you remove them from your catalogue as well as importing any metedata changes. This is a little tedious (ok very tedious) but has been working for me.
However ever now and then I get a glitch, like the one shown above, specifically if I manage to get duplicates of my RAW files on my master collection. I do have exclude duplicates set in picasa (when I upload from my camera card) and Don’t import suspect duplicates set in the lightroom import, so I am not expecting duplicates. The culprit for the duplicates is the sync routine which always moves the files, but when there is a duplication it just adds a suffix (eg –001) to the file name. However not every duplicate is corruptly rendered. So I’m puzzled what is going on here?

My current work around is just to check that these corruptions are duplicates and if so delete them.

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