Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yet another iTunes related death

I really have had a bad run with iTunes. After resisting months constant prompting to update, I gave in yesterday and updated the one version of iTunes (version 11) that I still run on my older studio laptop (still running Vista). I only have it to manage my old iPod nano, and specifically so it can manage podcats. For a long while I could not find any other easy way to do that. Now mainly because of previous disc crashes I don't let iTunes near my music collection any more and I have discovered stitcher radio.

True to form I had just downloaded and installed the update (iTunes version 12), which involved restarting the computer. It restarted once but crashed within a minute and this repeated about 3 times then I got the warning that my system was unable to start (well that's stating the obvious). After about 2 hours of repairing this morning and restarting I did get my system back, albeit without the update to iTunes. So the first thing I did was delete any trace of iTunes.

I wonder how my iPod will go as an orphan, and I'm again reminded why it is so important to keep good archives
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