Monday, May 13, 2013

Hard Lessons on the Importance of Backups & Archiving.

Wordle: hard disk crashes

In addition to the picasa database mix ups, which may or may not be related, I have suffered three external hard drive crashes, or malfunctions, in the past year, All of them contained photos but fortunately I didn't loose anything! I have been very regular with creating backups and maintaining at least 2 archives.

As all three of the drives were also holding my music library which iTunes was using at the time of the crashes AND there are so many hits on the net offering advice about recovering your iTunes library when you disc crashes (more often than not in iTunes 10). I started to get suspicious about iTunes 10 being actually responsible. No music was lost but I now rely on windows media play to listen to my music and just use iTunes 11 (which I really don't like) on an old machine to get podcasts and manage my old iPod Nano (which I still like)
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