Thursday, February 16, 2012

PhotoProject :: when just a 50mm lens won’t do

IMG_0980-1-2 I was out walking, enjoying the late summer evening. Just to keep my self challenge I just had my Cannon Rebel with only it prime lens, a 50mm. Just using the one prime lens (not a zoom) means you have to do a bit more searching and moving around to get a well composed or interesting shot. In theory it sharpens up some sloppy habits and makes you think about the image more. Well This scene looking up the Yarra valley in the distance begged for a wide angle panorama to take in Mt Dandenong. So, easy just take a series of three and stitch them with autostitch.

I guess this kind of defeats the purpose of only carrying the one lens, but then again I did get the panoramic view I dany pano pano-001

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