Saturday, August 13, 2011

Less Stressful Uploading

Picasa web album upload dialogueOne methods of uploading my photos as I travel that have proved much more reliable are Picasa's web album. I only have a small Toshiba netbook onto which I load my photographs, daily or more frequently if needed. The netbook works well with most Wi-Fi connections I have tried, even though most have been slow. I have Picasa on the notebook to organize the photos as I go and also daily make a copy of the photos onto a backpack style portable hard disk. I have also found that the Picasa's green upload button does reliably upload photo, albeit slowly, and it will also resize the file on the fly. I can also selected to upload by date or use a number of albums I have set up and control weather the photos are private or available to public view. The panorama album below is one of my albums

European Panorama
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