Saturday, March 06, 2010

The little penguin

IMGP1816 I was not surprised to see the little penguin [Eudyptula minor] ashore on the Venus Bay beach at first. They come onto the beach often enough to rest, in fact a variety of migrating shore birds and seals often seek refuge on this beach over the coming months and particularly in stormy weather. However the sea was very calm and then I noticed he/she was bowled over by the tiniest of waves. I realized his/her flippers where firmly held in the soft sand (quick sand style).

bowled over, how embarrasingstuck in the sandPhoto By Pam Morris
It was easy to dig him/her out and encourage him/her along the beach a little to firmer sand. He/she was shivering and bedraggled but otherwise healthy. You guessed it. I’m not good at sexing penguins.
wet & cold but on dry land
preeningHe/she stayed on the beach for another hour or so and had a chance to preen and tidy up. However the attention of beach goers was clearly a bit stressful but nothing like the handling received from a passing parks ranger. Hopefully he/she got the opportunity to rest further down the beach before returning home (presumably Phillip Island).

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