Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting more into HDR

Bracketed set for hdriI have been experimenting with sets of five bracketed photos as input into the HDRi process. Both Dynamic Photo and Picturenaut  accept several photo imports, but Picturenaut kept stopping unexpectedly on me once I use 5 input files. Well until I downloaded the latest version! The artist was working in the shade, at the MGA Masterpiece in a Day event, and it was the middle of a sunny day. A recipe for bleached out highlights and muddy shadows. My steps of ±0.5 Ev are not large, but I have found that it is enough to get the detail in the shadows and reasonable lighting in the sunlit path. The best part is it can be done without that stretched out post-pocessing posterized over saturated look, so common in HDR work these days, Even when I used the Dynamic Photo's Eye Catching tone mapping. Could I have achieved this with 3 exposures and bigger EV steps? I doubt it.
 hdri uswing Dynamic Photo with eye catching tone mapping
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