Wednesday, September 23, 2009

and (almost gone again)

Last night there was a big storm front that swept in at dusk bringing lightening and thunder, and something that wasn’t immediately apparent till morning, a massive dust storm. Everything as and orange red. I went to echo point to see how the view was affected! What view? Although the three sisters where visible, the dust made it hard to distinguish and my camera light meter just gave me a very flat grey mistiness. Using 0.5 EV bracketing, and five steps, did give bit of detail in the overexposure exposures but nothing exciting.
braketee set of photos at 0.5 Ev steps
So I tried post processing with Dynamic Photo, to combine these bracketed images and extend the dynamic range. The Human eye tone mapping gave be a decent result very similar to what I saw, restricted visibility but an orange glow.
HDRI three sisters after the dust storm
This is yet another example when in doubt about exposure to bracket and take a series
PS: As I was walking back from taking this series the gusts of wind were so ferocious that I saw a small Japanese tourist sweep off her feet and blown across the Echo Point forecourt like a tumble weed. Lots of laughter suggested no damage done, except maybe to her pride.
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