Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Not good

P1010005 Is it sadder that I have just worn out my third pentax body in 30 years, or that I still have the other two?

My much loved K100D gave out last week when I was taking some shots for the virtual gallery try-out. One moment I took the card out and loaded the photos onto my computer (via picasa import as usual), I put the card back and turned on the camera and a momentary flash of the familiar then nothing, and nothing is what has been happening ever since. The real problem is I can not longer find a place around here to get it fixed (the typical camera shop says, “Is it under warrantee?” “ No” “Ok, it will be cheaper to buy a new one”. The K100D is just three years old, the others lasted better (ok the second film body is still officially working, if I keep the rubber band around it to stop the back opening unexpectedly). I would so dearly like to get it fixed at a reasonable cost

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