Friday, March 21, 2008

Immersive Slideshows?

So what are immersive slideshows, as opposed to ... I don't know drowning (in) slideshows?  They are the brainchild of Cooliris in the form of a browser plugin, called PicLens. It takes a number of common image intensive web places, social networking, photo sites, etc and converts them into a full screen "cinematic presentation" experience. It is very stylish, slick and unobtrusive (a watermarked "play" button is superimposed over the bottom right corner of images to indicate PiclLens can be run, just click your mouse on that, otherwise you don't notice its there)

PicLens Wall based on my Flickr Wallpaper SetThe real fun begins when you start looking at your own personal images on say flickr, photobucket or picassa web albums. I particularly like the "3D" photo wall (complete with reflection of a virtual shinny floor).

My conclusion reflects that of a review in Wired Magazine, its "Fun and Addictive", but it is a pity it does not work with blogger.

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