Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Giving Yahoo! GO a go

My new vista computer loaded Yahoo!7 as the default Home page, I must admit i had gotten used the iGoogle, but before reverting i had a look around and as might be expected there is a direct link to flickr on the left hand side. No big deal if flickr is in your favourites. The pleasant surprise was under the mobile link and right on the far right is a tiny key called GO which is a simple yet elegant interface to some nice widgets to access the internet with as few clicks as possible. You must download the software for the interface to your mobile phone, (either by downloading to your computer or via a link sent in an SMS). The flickr widget, the familar cyan and magenta dots in a circle, gives you access to a nice neat photo upload, but giving it permission wasn't as click through as it could be. So far I'm very impressed but will report back later on how robust and relaible the GO interface is.

The original flickr mobile port m.flickr.com is still reliable, just a bit more clicking and typing.

The feature missing from both of these systems, is being able to access flickr groups from your mobile. Still an impossibility.

Shozu is still a favourite of mine (use m.shozu.com on your mobile to get the software) and it can upload to a range of websites not just flickr
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