Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lunar eclipse :: as it happens

11:30 PM The clouds return. 11:04 PM The moon is full once more.
10:30 PM Umbral phase fading fast. 9:52 PM Mid-Umbral phase.
9:34 PM Brght rims extends. 9:28 PM Bright Rim appears, as the moon passes back into umbral zone
9:22 PM Total eclipse move to umbral phase 8:52 PM Total lunar eclipse, red phase
8:17 PM First glimpse of totality 7:46 PM Missed a lot of eclipse progress because of clouds, just gossimer glimpses.
6:41 PM Damn these clouds. 6:35 PM Getting ready.

Maybe this a bad ideas, beacuse it is a very cloudy start, but i'll try it anyway. I'll be updated this post as the eclipse happens. But remember the most recent pictures will be at the top, so read the sequence from bottom right and backwards up to top right.

PS I was a bit stressed trying to do this and keep watching for breaks in the clouds, but I think it worked out in the end.
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