Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Digital Cameras on planes

you know the announcement
All electronic devices, including PDAs, laptop computers, handheld games and toys must be switched off during take-off and landing.

Looking back on my photos of my last trip I can see several of the better ones where taken out the plane window, so I got to wondering whether a digital camera is one of those electronic devices that must be turned off during take off and landing. I must admit I assumed it is but as I started to look on the net there is certainly a lot of angst about whether things such as mp3 players and games are really a serious threat, but blogsphere opinion isn't very official is it! I am happy to assume that devices that pump out radio signals may be a problem. So I decided to checked out the restrictions on the qantas website, and maybe all these restriction and particularly ban on using mobile might just be a thing of the past soon.

Well despite a reasonable look around I can not even find mention of a ban on using digital cameras (well assuming they are not fitted with blue tooth wifi or GPS). So happy snapping in the sky.
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