Monday, July 24, 2006

Photoblogging by email (using Flickr)

Photoblogging by email (using Flickr)
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I knew It was too good to be true, i should not have praise flickr fortolerating low bandwidth access.

Today when I tried to upload to Flickr, the upload process timed out several times. So I should really explain there are other ways to work from low bandwidth (and that includes WAP enabled mobile phones). Flickr lets you email in your photos. They give you a specific email address, which can be found under the your account section. Look for the Uploading via email section, (it's the first item) click on the link and it will display the address to use (as a MailTo link).

Even better if you look lower (near the bottom) of the Your Account pageyou will see another section about posting to your blog via email. This involves setting up a default layout (you need to do this ahead of travel time) and blog options (see insert). You can then send an email with a photo attached and the text of the email will be used as the body of you post and the photo inserted as per the select format.

This blog post is such an email submission. (with a screen capture instead of a photo)

PS Its just a pity about the way it gets re-formatted!
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