Sunday, April 02, 2006

First Impressions

I have been doing a website course through HP on-line courses, and noticed a course on "Digital imaging from camera to printer with Photosmart Essential", quiet a mouthful, so I enrolled. The first task revolved around downloading the latest version of HP Photosmart Essentials.

I did not get off to a good start.
1) It loaded a link to ebay onto my screen (very cheeky)
2) It started scanning my whole disc for photos and images, Other than stopping this behavior immediately I start the program I can not see have to turn this off.(very annoying and time comsuming)
3) It, unlike its predecessor HP Image Express, which was free, is only a 20 day free trial
4) The backup to CD feature costs extra!

Does it have any redefining features? Yes it is very easy to use (but so was HP Image Express) and is nicely integrated with Snapfish, an on-line photo service. Most of the important fixes and enhancements are there, and all seem to take only one or two clicks. There is a neat printed album feature with a nice range of layouts.Not to forget the claims that it provides better quality printing even on older printers (a claim I have not tested, yet!) Unfortunately the first impressions have stuck. So if you got Photosmart with your camera, use it, If you have the older HP image express stick with that, otherwise I wouldn't bother.
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