Sunday, December 07, 2014

Photocentric Personal Gifts :: Last Call

I realise this post is probably getting a little late because the time has almost run out to have this delivered from overseas (unless you are happy to pay for priority frieght). However there is still time if you act this week and look for a local source. You can get your photos reproduced on almost anything today but there are a few favourites, like calenders, photobooks and wall canvases, but a few things like T-shirts, Photo Mugs and Mouse Mats that have probably become passé. Here is a list of some newer items, old favourites and the services that offer them online (just click on the icons to get to their sites). Big W and Ted’s offer on-line ordering and in-store pickup.Tthe photo processor in your local shopping canter may also offer similar gifts.

Photo Christmas Cards

This is one area you will need to get your act together straight awa,, to get the cards back in time to post before Christmas. A number of the offerings are just flat (postcard) style so check that the cards are folded style and perhaps include envelopes.

Home Decor

While many of the items offered in this category have been around for a while it has become a popular grouping in services offering photo gifts

Wall Art

The generally means canvas print, but can cover a wide range of photo blow ups and frequently includes framing (which is usually expensive).  The following services are all Australian based, but check delivery dates & freight options and costs.


Sorry, Throw Pillows!, this could be a fad but the products on offer do look good and could easily become loved.



These are perhaps wall calendars are a little over used as gifts but I know one’s I have produce in the past have been well appreciated. I have prepared more thus year as gifts, Keep to the simpler formats and show off your photo skills so the calendars are more personal and unique. Some services offer desk calanders, perfect gifts for working proud parents.



Whilst these have been around some time and ideal for personal gifts. They have been a bit complicated to prepare and expensive to have produced. The Cost and easy of set up have improved along with the general quality. Although it is still true that good quality costs a little more. The key Item in choice now will be delivery times.

Cases & Skins

Quiet a few services now offer Phone and Tablet “covers” (normally a vinyl or plastic sleave/skin for the back) The level of protection these offer may not be much but they can look good. Given all the models and sizes you will need to double check what’s available. The Iphone, Ipad models Samsung Galaxy models seem to have the most services offering such customisable products.


Before you order check the deliver dates. You will probably have to join, set up an account, to use the on-line services.

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