Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Collage Fun

collage settings in picasa I must admit I do like photo collages, they give you the opportunity to show more than one aspect of a subject at a time. This creates a lot more interest in the viewer. The downside with collages was they can be very time consuming to prepare. Ok there are a lot of automatic photo mosaic and collage software but most just quickly deliver a boring result. My complaint was that most are very predictable and symmetrical. Then along came the new layouts in picasa 3.0, just enough freedom to play and create something unique. The collage below is the based on the frame mosaic, a square format, with a gaps between images, a related background photo, and drop shadow generated for each photo panel. All fun to do, rather than tedious.

Collage of the Sanrindham Rotunda

This collage is various view of the Rotunda on the Sandringham foreshore. Architectural subjects really lend themselves to having multiple views.

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