Thursday, May 03, 2007

Avoiding the $20 fee for PMA Imaging Tecnology Expo

PMA Australia Imaging Technology Expo 2007If your are a Melbourne based photographer (so hopefully a member if the Australian Photographers group, if you are not join now!) you may be interested in the PMA Imaging Technology Expo (4th. to 6th May) and more importantly how to avoid the $20 entry fee.

Well you can pre-register here. You must have a valid email address, so that's the down side, the get your email address to send stuff too. So check the fine print at the bottom and deselect that the exhibitors can bulk email you.
Would you like us to release your email address to all exhibitors after the expo - for their use only - so that you can be kept up to date with the latest developments?
Yes No*

and finally note

Please note that by handing over your visitor badge to an exhibitor at the expo for further details means that you are consenting to receiving information from that exhibitor only.

Having said all that I've preregistered.

There are further detail in liftouts in both The Age and Herald Sun Today(Thursday). Also I'm told its being advertised on TV as well, so expect a crowd.
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