Saturday, February 03, 2007

PhotoProject :: Seeking a different view

The idea for this project post comes from Project 101, a flickr group I have joined. This is called 180 degrees and tries to get you looking a one subject from differenet perspectives. Straight Up, Straight Ahead and Straight Down.

looking straight up
STRAIGHT UP, It is pretty inevitable that if you point the camera at the sun your will get lens flare (which you can not really judge in teh view finder, so I took a few and choose the flare that gave me the best composition)
looking straight ahead
STRAIGHT AHEAD, this a soft tree fern, its lacy texture look great in the summer light. It is part of my cretaceous garden
looking (almost) straight down
STRAIGHT DOWN, the interesting thing about this photo is that it is the shadows that are out of focus (don't believe me see the brick and plant at the top of the photo)
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