Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The old skool merge fiasco

I recently noticed when I tried to access flickr from my new mobile phone that I could not. You can now only do that with a yahoo login (I know I have one but all attempts to get Yahoo to acknowledge it has gone unanswered. Maybe I'm not just forgetful of passwords maybe I have been the victim of identity theft, or more likely it was deleted years ago for inactivity. Anyway I have wasted enough time trying to be nice now I'm just annoyed. So now, to annoy me a little further, I have received an email from FlikrHQ telling me that using the old skool (ie original flikr) email name as an login ID will be phased out on 15th March and you must have to use a yahoo account. Now I really want my old yahoo account back, PLEASE Yahoo gods find or reactivate my old yahoo ID

If like me, this has left you less than impressed there is an official forum thread in flickr to sent your comments, I'm not sure that anything will be done but it may be cheaper than therapy.
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